Are there any law or programme for funding and financing of Social Businesses?


The following public institutions and non-governmental organizations can provide a variety of programs to support social initiatives:
KOSGEB (Küçük ve Orta Ölçekli İşletmeleri Geliştirme ve Destekleme İdaresi Başkanlığı)
Development Agencies

Development agencies provide financial support private businesses, civil society organizations, public institutions, universities, local governments, Social enterprises, professional organizations.
Ministry of Interior. Department of associations
The institution provide supports to non-governmental organizations by some funding programmes
European Union Business Development Centers Network (ABIGEM)
It was established by the leadership of Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB) with European Union funds. ABİGEMs aim to become the number one contact point Professional training and consultancy services for SMEs by offering competitive level of national and international markets and to help them develop to their potentials.
Business Development Centers (İŞGEM)
Business Development Centers (İŞGEM) support the development and facilitating business start-up of entrepreneurs.They can be also called incubators that contain within their structure, management consulting support, financial resources, access to suitable conditions of work locations, they feed them almost by providing common office equipment and office services, and they are the weakest job building phase is to provide and grow in a healthy manner.
UNDP Türkiye
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Turkey,provides technical support in the areas of tourism,renewable energy.


There isnt any legal law for funding and financing the social businesses.


Where can I find support for funding and financing by private institutions?



Galata Business Angels (GBA)
Individual and Social Creativeness Centre


Turkey Business Angels Network









Are there any examples of people who got support in funding and financing?






Was originally established to work in Diyarbakir and its surroundings, it started the “Regional Expansion for Women’s Human Rights” Project upon demands of the women in the region. This functioned as a pilot project and allowed us to share knowledge and experiences to develop the method that would be used for organizational expansion. “An Opportunity for Every Woman” Project was launched in 2004 to open women centers that would work for women’s human rights in all 23 provinces of Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia. Our work to combat violence and discrimination against women is still continuing in these 23 provinces. KAMER Foundation has still been organized in 23 provinces of Southeast and Eastern Anatolia.


Buğday Association for Supporting Ecological Living and Foundation


The seeds of Buğday Association for Supporting Ecological Living were first sown in 1990 in Bodrum, Turkey. Since 2002, Buğday has been working to create ecological consciousness, offer solutions to the problems arising from the irreversible destruction of valuable ecosystems, and support living life in harmony with nature.Buğday’s projects include organic farmers’ markets, an organic farm network, a seed exchange network, and courses on ecological living, urban gardening, and organic farming. Buğday is a member of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements and hosted its 18th Organic World Congress last October in Istanbul, an event that drew more than one thousand participants.







Is a company that has a soul: they are not just selling products, they are doing something that is making a positive change in the world. Their mission is to create high quality fashion without the exploitation of workers and the environment that is too often present in our industry. They set-up their own manufacturing facilities in Ayvalık/Balıkesir and Diyarbakır (in cooperation with KA-MER) in Turkey to leverage the artisanal talent embedded within the Turkish culture and to provide opportunities for women in impoverished communities. We care for each and every one of the çöp(m)adams.They are the ones that put their skills and love into making the products. To make a çöp(m)adam bag, it takes from ½ to 5 days.çöp(m)adam was started as a limited company in the summer of 2008, with sponsorship from Sabanci University and Unilever. To date, they have worked with more than 400 women. Many women who trained with them have left us to go on to work part or full-time jobs.On average, they save at least 6 tons of waste from going to land-fill annually with sales of 4,000 plus items.Since they started, çöp(m)adam has had corporate partnerships. Initially, they started with Sabanci University, who helped them get started.For four years, they also partnered with Unilever, who provided them with materials they could not use as well as some financial support to pay their rent. They have partnered with Turkish companies, such as Ülker, for supplies as well as orders. Orta Anadolu keeps them supplied with denim that is ever so slightly damaged – not good for their use but great for theirs!.Ege Deniz Tekstil This was the first company to produce organic thread and fabric in Turkey. They donate scraps of fabric to turn into bags or baskets.Tara Hopkins has worked, voluntarily and professionally, in civil society since she was a teenager. Academically, she studied anthropology and languages, but her main interests have always been greater equality and empowerment from a grass-roots level. She was fortunate to be able to establish the first program for civic participation at the university level in Turkey, as well as initiate the Ashoka program as the first country representative. She has taken her idealism to a different level now, down to the trash can, at long last acknowledging that some things cannot completely change but they can be modified.Melih Özsöz dedicated much time and effort to çöp(m)adam as an official business partner for many years and we are still grateful to him!












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