Are there any law or programme for funding and financing of Social Businesses?


Portuguese Government Social Innovation Fund

A regional fund for North, Centre and Alentejo regions with €150 millions. It will be the first fund of this kind capitalised with European Structural Funds aimed at transforming the social services provision into a mapped ecosystem driven by social entrepreneurs and leveraging the turning capital into tools for empowerment and systemic renewal.


Compete 2020

COMPETE 2020 is very committed to the smart growth and development of a knowledge and innovation based economy, particularly in the fields of the Research and Innovation Strategy for Intelligent Specialization. Companies, in particular SMEs, are preferential recipients, seeking to stimulate entrepreneurship, innovative capacity and the development of more advanced strategies, based on qualified human resources and with a strong focus on cooperation and other forms of partnership such as networks and clusters. In Public Administration, the objective is to improve the service provided to citizens and companies, especially using information and communication technologies. In the Transport sector, it is important to promote intermodality and connectivity with Europe and with the rest of the world, with a more efficient and sustainable system.



There is no specific law for funding and financing Social Business.


What support can I find for funding and financing by private institutions?


The following organizations are funding and financing SB in Portugal:


Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation with Ideias de  Origem  Portuguesa


Cidadania Ativa Programme – EEA Grants


BPI Banc  with BPI Capacitar


EDP Foundation through EDP Solidarity Program


INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Prize


Bolsa de Valores Sociais


BIS – Social Innovation Bank, from Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa


Award Damião de Góis de Empreendedorismo Social, from the Netherlands Embassy in Portugal—premio-damiao-de-gois-2014.html


Mota Engil Foundation Social Innovation Award









Are there any examples of people who got support in funding and financing?


MIES – Mapping Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship in Portugal


A research project that discovers and maps innovative initiatives by applying the ES+ methodology in the North, Centre and Alentejo Regions of Portugal from 2013 to 2015, and Algarve, Azores and Madeira from 2015-2016. From the project is all possible to interview 3000 social experts, 5000 social initiatives and certified 200 (ES+) initiatives as high potential on social innovation with high social impact.


100 Study cases of the  ES+ (high impact potential initiatives) on Video






Where can I find Mentoring support?



There are some SB enablers in Portugal. The major ones are:


  • IES – Social Business School




  • SEA –


  • Fundação Eugénio de Almeida-


  • TESE


  • Stone Soup


  • Aveiro University


  • Catholic University Lisbon







Where can I find Networking opportunities?



IES – Social Business School






Fundação Eugénio de Almeida


Aveiro University



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