Located in Šiauliai. UAB ”Aukstata”- specialisated company performing altitude working. The main working area – constructional and repair working in the conditions of high-scaller. Industrial chimneys repair work. The company employs highly qualified certificated employees having 20 to 30 years of experience.

The company performs high-scaller work, as well as all the work associated with the operation of chimneys: starting with chimneys special review and preparation of technical documentation (technical chimney passport and the magazine of using and supervission) to the inner and the outer surface of the chimney waterproofing and corrosion-resistant coating of metal structures (ladders , ladder rails, strapping rings, signaling light platform, lightning protection equipment) and repair of corrosion-resistant coatings, new signal lights and review point manufacturing and installation,  tightening rings manufacturing and installation, lightning protection equipment (lightning-conductor levin acceptor, lightning abstraction,electrical ground) manufacturing and installation, the signal light in accordance with the Civil Air Fleet requirements installation, as well as demolition and reconstruction of the chimneys.


Salad bar Mano Guru (My Guru)  LT


The enterprise was established in 2002 for the purpose to help people after medical rehabilitation (drugs abuse) to overcome social exclusion and return to labor market and society. Founders of this social enterprise is Vilnius city municipality, Vilnius Center for Addictive Disorders and a joint stock company “Viršupis”. Making rehabilitation and integration more effective, they decided to provide professional rehabilitation programme for drug abusers after medical treatment. The benefits of this programme:

  • It provides professional experience for people after medical treatment.
  • Theoretical and practical trainings are organized followed by acquiring profession of cook, waiter or bartender.
  • Participants got work experience and job for the period of training.
  • Participants leave Programme not only with experience and qualification, but also with the recommendation of the employer.
  • Entire training period participants are accompanied by a social worker and a psychologist and help of group therapy.

Those actions lead to high integration rate – organization declare that more than 70 percent of participants get the job after the Programme.


New Theatre LT ( ) was established in 2008. Two years people with disabilities where trained in Academy of Lithuanian theatre to develop excellence in acting, directing, stage movement and speech, make-up, theater history, vocal skills. Currently in the Theatre working  29 people, of which 27 have various disabilities. Within several years they presented 9 performances for more than 10 thousand viewers in various Lithuanian cities, towns and villages.


Enterprise Coolukis It’s a community that helps to link people, who could share knowledge and experience how to cultivate various plant in the farm and those who want to learn about farming.

Social taxi It‘s unique taxi services helping people with disabilities to be mobile by driving them to exactly places. National Institute of Social Integration inititate establishment of this special services for special price for disabled people. Services include all needed help for ensuring comfortable mobility. E-platform for changing information and renting of various stuff – cars, video and acoustic equipment, IT technic, tools etc. Registered members could announce and rent their stuff for short period.

Project Respectable home develop idea of respectable ageing by connecting seniors living in neighborhood for common social activities. Seniors are invited to move to special equipped houses connecting 4 apartments and special common place for social events.  Social workers and medical persons take care of all needs of seniors.