Bier für den Kiez



Located in: Berlin, Dresden, München, Leipzig

„Our founder Sebastian had the idea four years ago. He was looking for a concept that makes social engagement as easy as possible, without having to spend more time and money. He got the thought to combine the consumption of a product with an added social value, a social added value that would be visible immediately at the place of consumption. After a bar night with friends he came across the product beer. Beer is often consumed with friends, it’s a social product, everybody likes to talk about it and it’s got a lot of emotions attached to it. Drinking beer, having fun and doing good with it – how much easier can it be? So Sebastian looked for a brewery and distributed it in Berlin. After two years the brewery went bankrupt and we made a fresh start as a social business and with the new brewery in Wittichenau.“ (Source:


The idea behind Quartiermeister is to drink beer and investing in social projects at the same time. “Quartiermeister is both a social enterprise and an association. The association is responsible for the allocation of funding and regulates the business operation. You decide online which projects will be funded by us. You can also apply for funding for your own project, recommend projects from your own neighborhood, or get engaged with the association and help shape Quartiermeister yourself. You drink in order to support worthwhile local projects! Quartiermeister is a Berlin beer brand, which is aimed at the purpose of supporting the communal through the entrepreneurial. By selling our beer in bars, clubs, and off-licenses, we receive profits which both cover our costs and fund local community projects. We started this enterprise in order to do business the right way. That means for us, that we work in an ecologically, economically, and socially sustainable manner.” (Source:


o   Interview by Nicole Winchell, published on January 26, 2017:

o   Video by ALEX Berlin, published on March 14, 2014: