Anakyklos Enviromental



Anakyklos Enviromental is a non-for-profit organization in Cyprus. The vision of Anakyklos is to contribute, through research, economic activity and active social intervention, to the creation of a clean, healthy and sustainable environment. Its main activity is textile recycling. Part of the clothes gathered that can be reused are donated to people in need via its charity shops in Nicosia and Limassol. You can learn more about the organisation by visiting their website You may also watch the video uploaded here.


Cans for Kids



Cans for Kids founded in 1990 as a registered charity that organises the collection and recycling of aluminium cans in Cyprus. It uses its proceeds to purchase medical equipment for the children’s wards at Cypriot hospitals. Since its inception, more than 25 million cans have been collected, and over €260,000 worth of equipment have been donated to the Makarios Hospital in Nicosia, which is the central paediatric hospital in Cyprus, treating seriously ill children from all over the island.


Agia Skepi Therapeutic CommunityOrganic Products



Agia Skepi Therapeutic Community – Organic Products – founded in 1999, ‘Agia Skepi’ is a therapeutic community which provides services for adults who are long-term substance abusers and their families. It is registered as non-for-profit organisation and occupies 50 acres of land which is owned by a Monastery (religious/church organisation). The objective of the services provided is to help clients lead a life without drug and alcohol use. You may also watch a video about Agia Skepi in the following link (no English subtitles available yet).

  • These cases are indicative. There is underway a legal framework bill which is expected to go to the parliament in 2017. When enacted it will determine which entities can be defined as “social enterprises”. Only those entities accepted and registered will have the right to be called “social enterprises”.



Incubators in Cyprus



It is the first hub for social impact in the country, offering co-working and business support services to social entrepreneurs and small organisations with a social impact ranging from organisations working in the fields of social entrepreneurship, to ageing and sustainable development.


SYTNHESIS Center for Research and Education

SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education Ltd is a pioneering organisation dedicated to the development of the field of social entrepreneurship and social innovation in Cyprus. It initiates and implements projects of positive social impact (in the fields of entrepreneurship, social inclusion, migrant integration, and employment) and operates “Hub Nicosia,” a collaborative space and a community of organisations with primary social purpose.