IES-Social Business School

Contact person:  Carlos Azevedo

Web: www.ies.org.pt

E-mail: Carlos@ies-sbs.org


The IES-Social Business School (IES-SBS) is a Portuguese Social Business School that aims to build an Impact Economy. The IES-SBS alternative learning model relies on three core activities:

  1. Training programs

IES-SBS promotes training programs in order to build capacity and accelerate the impact of Social Entrepreneurship Initiatives according to its life cycle and lack of management skills (Bootcamp on Social Entrepreneurship, Scaling for Impact, INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship programme and Managing Impact Business);

  1. Research and Development

IES-SBS develops content, tools and employs a rigorous research methodology (ES+ methodology – http://www.mies.pt/index.php/en/the-mies/how-does-it-work) that provides information to Social Entrepreneurs based on practical experience of Social Entrepreneurs;

  1. Community Management

The IES-SBS learning model also provides learning experiences based on a peer-to-peer process. As for, IES-SBS promotes mentoring sessions – performed by senior IES-SBS Alumni that support Social Entrepreneurs in their evolution process; and IES-SBS Tribes or Learning Communities that are championed by local activators that facilitate the learning process at the local level using IES-SBS methodologies.