AC Amics de la Biblioteca de la Fonteta

Contact person:  Antonio Benaches Bodi



Biblioteca de la Fonteta is a social center in the area of Valencia region focused on empowerment of citizenship through active participation and training.

We were established in 2005 and from that year, we have been evolving to what we are now. We started as a community development organization based in a neighbourhood of Valencia, and then we grew into a regional empowerment and mobility promotion NGO.

At the moment we have an active group of members of 20 people, where 4 of them take the lead as board members. Our impact area is mainly the urban area of Valencia municipality (around 1 million population).

During the last 1 year, we have moved our office to a neighbour city, due to the good relations with the local municipality. This is one of our key points connected with the project (described later).

In the area of entrepreneurship and connected with the idea of the incubator, we have had 2 local/regional experiences and 1 internacional experience in developing trainings for entrepreneurs and in collaborative tools for entrepreneurship. We have been part of the development of a COWORKING space in our city, combining the skills of Lawyers, Psicologists, and different Technicians.

In the field of VET education, for the last 3 years we have been collaborating with a Turkish organization in finding job placements for students in the field of engineering, and also with italian partners in the field of hosteling and restaurants.

In the field of European/International projects in general, we have wide experience in the Youth in Action programme, the Grundtvig and Leonardo da Vinci. Nowadays we are active in Erasmus+ (formal and nonformal education fields)