The project has been developed to overcome the lack of EU exchange of best practice and appropriate support models for social businesses. The ultimate product is the Online Incubator which is the on-line platform hosting the Social Business Support Model (SBSM) and all of its functions including incubator for partnerships and motilities and a model of European best practice for social enterprise support and training.

The project partnership has been working on the proposal for several years and comprises SMEs (social enterprises), local authorities and a university. An essential outcome of this project proposal is:

  • Access to greater mobility across the EU alongside the formal recognition of the lifelong learning.
  • New initiatives in training and business support models for social enterprises, voluntary/ community groups, co-operatives and regional hubs of expertise.
  • New strategies for successful and innovative delivery of training.

Key Aim of the Project:
The project will develop an integrated pan-European approach to the educational and training support of social business in all of its forms.

The aims of the project is
(1) To bring together a network of likeminded agencies, Social Business support providers (SBSPs) to cooperate and support the development and growth of social enterprises and co-operatives across Europe through the development of sector-led training.  This forms the basis of the Social Business Support Model (SBSM). This new network will share expertise and experience and then transfer that knowledge to new or emerging community based initiatives through training, dissemination events and using various ICT models, particularly social networking.

(2) In keeping with the processes of ECVET and EQAVET as identified within ET 2020, another key aim of this project is to work towards the standardization of the accreditation of social business support models and training and to give it a currency, which can lead to progression to formal academic education if wished.


  • To identify and analyse stakeholders and existing Social Business Support Providers (SBSPs) across Europe to identify specific needs.
  • To establish the Online Incubator which is a platform for communication, co-operation, training and resources.
  • The exchange of training and best practice of SBSPs/ infrastructures across Europe.
  • To develop a model of social business support (SBSM)
  • To establish a European (global) network of social business support providers (SBSPs)

The project is in line with the General Objectives of Erasmus Plus, which is the implementation of the EU2020 and ET2020 strategies and the EU HE Modernization Strategy of 2011, in particular, the emphasis on capacity building, harmonization of training and the development of strategic partnerships.