Dissemination event in Kuşadasi/Aydin (Turkey) is approaching! Starting date July 04. If you find it interesting – you are very welcome to join the event!


Welcome to Project Sector 3 !

Welcome to the web site of the Erasmus + Key action 2 project, EU Sector 3 now known as European Social Entrepreneurs. We are keen, through our project activities,  to support the development of social business and social entrepreneurship throughout europe. We would be delighted if you wish to contact us to express an interest in working with us to develop projects in the future.

The EU Sector project is made up of a partnership of a technical university, a municipal governorship and five social businesses and social business support providers. Their collective aim is to provide an online resource that supports the work of social business support providers. This is the online incubator which is the website that you have accessed. Within this site you will find the research study that was carried out to identify the needs of social business; the state-of-the-art report that commentates on the status of social enterprise in Dresden/ DE, Manchester/ UK, Cyprus, Valencia/ ES, Lisbon/ PT, Lithuania and Aydin/ TR.